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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring Training Hijinks

Kirby Puckett, great Minnesota Twins outfielder from the 1980s, suffered a stroke today. I can only hope for the best for Kirby, one of the players I always truly enjoyed watching. His post-career problems are well documented, but being human doesn't make your ballplaying any less wonderful.

Perhaps to lighten the mood in the broadcast booth during today's Twins/Red Sox broadcast back to Minnesota, engineers in the production truck were playing vintage Harry Caray clips between innings, during commercials, in an attempt to crack up Twins TV announcers Dick Bremer and Paul Molitor.

The engineers succeeded, after several tries ("Aah, popped it up. That wouldn't be a home run in a phone booth," "Nomar...Garc...garcia...garcipare...garcia, parra") by playing Harry's memorable 1983 "Well, we see Marla Collins without shorts for the first time!" call.

I still miss Harry after all these years...


Anonymous RVRon said...

Stu...speaking of Harry...have you gotten a chance yet to catch any of the local radio banter or comments made by his fellow booth announcer in that new book?...His old co-worker slams the guy quite a bit in print..I found this other side of Harry kinda interesting...
I'm waiting for more to come out...

4:43 PM, March 09, 2006


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