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Friday, February 11, 2005


A wonderful reminder this morning. I stepped out the door and into the 25-degree cool, a new skin of snow covering the ground. Amid this calm, a fat robin swooped by, coming to rest under a bush. Just as I was digesting this, a male cardinal began to sing his "what cheer-cheer-cheer" from a bare tree across the street. As I listened to him stake out his territory for the coming months, a purple finch began to call in the distance. And the thought burned through me--spring isn't coming. It's already here.

Form in Void
The tree is stripped,
All color, fragrance gone,
Yet already on the bough,
Uncaring spring!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sun is shining in Boston today, it's around 40 degrees, and here I'm thinking of a huge truck full of gear that left Fenway yesterday, on it's way to Florida.

SPRING!!! :)


2:13 PM, February 12, 2005


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