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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sorry, but I've had it

Enough with the smears, the ugliness, the race-baiting, the endless cycle of outright lies from the cynical, the racist, and the terrified.

Sure, I have doubts about Barack Obama. He's a bit centrist for my liking, and I'm not overjoyed that he's not serving out his Senate term; I voted for him to be a Senator, not run for President.

But the notion of John McCain being President (and Sarah Palin being within 3,000 miles of the Presidency) not only scares me but makes me literally sick to my stomach.

What is wrong with these people? Why are they so intent on destroying everything good about this country--its diversity, its freedom of speech, its natural beauty, its middle class?

America is not a rehearsal for the end times, or for any other pseudo-Christian strategy. If God is so great, she doesn't need our help to move the end of the world along. Leave the rest of us who don't believe in the end times out of your death wish.

It is not written in stone that rich people should be bailed out by the rest of us.

America is not a Monarchy where the President gets to decide what is legal and what isn't.

It is not a police state where Americans should be scared to voice their opinions lest they be castigated as "Anti-Americans."

America does not arrest reporters and protestors without cause. America does not keep people in prisons without cause. America does not adopt the human rights policies of fascists.

Barack Obama is not a Marxist, and you all know he isn't. Lowering taxes on the working poor and raising them on the rich is NOT Marxism, and you all know it isn't. If you say it is, you're either misinformed or you're not telling the truth.

America should not use tax money from populous cities to prop up rural areas if country residents want to spend their time haranguing we city folk about our evil culture and our lost souls.

This is not a country in which those of us living in integrated areas will be lectured about race and racial matters by hypocrites who live in all-white suburbs and small towns where the only black people are on painted lawn decorations. What would you know about it?

America does not need to be "saved" by selfish, insecure God-botherers.

This is not a country where a shrill minority of ignorant, mean-spirited morons have the right to deny Constitutional rights to gay people.

America is a great country. But it's great not because of, but in spite of the people who are running it. America is a great country because of the freedoms to ALL promised in our great documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

This is not about "politics." I could give a damn about politics. This is about how you see the world.

The left wing didn't declare this culture war, but hell if I'll live in a country where I am condemned for believing in the principles set out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

You want to go back to back-alley abortions? You want further military aggression and torture? You want dead American soldiers and a growing deficit for a war enabled by a curtain of lies? More Wall Street corruption? No way. We've had enough.

This is a fight, all right. It's a fight between the optimism of the future-no matter how naïve it may be-versus the cynicism, fear, mistrust, greed, racism, class warfare, and bitter, pinched-face hatred represented by ignorant conspiracy theorists, white-power mental midgets, blowhard radio hosts, and do-nothing losers looking for someone to blame for their own self-created problems.

Now that I’ve gone through this rant, it’s time for the obvious truth: Peace is the only solution.

All of us need to find peace in our hearts. And I put myself at the top of the list. Those of us on the left who are angry at this crap need to find ways to process our anger without hurting others or ourselves. For me, one way I do this is by writing. And I feel that sharing these words is honest. Maybe it doesn’t make me look very good, but it’s real and here it is.

Most of us just want to be allowed to live our lives without someone we don’t even know lecturing us, yelling at us, cheating us, lying to us…why is that so much to ask? Why is it so much to ask that people in power play honestly, that people try to move past their greed or their racist fears, that people try to put themselves in the shoes of those less fortunate?

Decision time is coming. What kind of country do we live in?


Blogger Elgattogordo said...

Well spoken, Stu. The point regarding our own anger is quite correct. When we give in to the nastiness and the sniping we are, in fact, just as bad as those baiting us. Respond with facts. When they get loud, walk away. We are so polarized as a nation that you are unlikely to sway their opinion and raising your blood pressure will only make them happy. Don't give them the satisfaction. Vote and then work for the real change.

4:12 AM, October 31, 2008

Blogger Bob Purse said...

Fantastic post, Stu. Aside from disagreeing with you a bit on Obama - he's been my choice from the start (first time it's ever happened that my "choice from the start" seems likely to be elected) - but that's a minor point.

The real point is that this is just fantastic from start to finish, and I wish I'd written it.

7:00 AM, October 31, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"America does not need to be "saved" by selfish, insecure God-botherers."
Who would this crowd be?
Besides, "O" is only "too centrist" b/c he's trying to get elected. He's completely on the left in reality.

1:54 PM, November 02, 2008

Anonymous annie said...

so well-written, stu. thank you.

7:00 PM, November 02, 2008

Blogger Stuart Shea said...

I just don't understand people who leave anonymous comments.

10:11 PM, November 02, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a different Anonymous, I didn't make that last comment. But, after watching the debates John McCain is babbling old fool. Sorry, he use to be cool, what happened to him. It's like he wanted to lose this election. SNL this week he seemed to be making fun of Sarah Palin. And I also heard they weren't getting along. If you were hiring a CEO for your company and you interviewed McCain and Obama, Who would you hire? That's how I look at it. This commes from a Democratic Diva. This was brought to you by the citizens for Biff Jones for President. And I agree with everything Bob Purse said.

12:08 AM, November 03, 2008

Anonymous Amy said...

I love ya, Stu. I've pretty much been goin on about the same exact thing since the GOP put Sarah Palin up on that catwalk for all to see (well before then, actually). She terrifies me. She's a hick MILF in an expensive suit, with no more qualifications to serve as Vice President than Ann Coulter (except that Ann Coulter has never held public office).

The GOP has been shooting themselves in the foot since the day they climbed into bed with the Evangelical Christian right. How can the party that used to be about fiscal responsibility, about moderation now stand for the Wealthy Christian White People's Party?

How can ANY American with a conscience ignore the fact that the economy is BROKEN because of the unchecked greed of the past 8 years on the part of the oil companies, mortgage banks, and stock market speculators. How can any good Christian not want to share with their brothers and sisters who are struggling? (oh you and I both know what a huge lie that whole ideal is)

Barack Obama isn't talking about taking money (or livelihood) away from Joe the Plumber (who is SUCH a devious little douchebag, I don't know where to begin), what he's talking about is leveling the playing field between those who have been shoveling in the money for far too long, and the rest of us whose cost of living has not kept pace with our income.

Anyone... ANYONE who starts flappin their maw about how "Obama is a Muslin(sic)" or "Obama is a terrorist" and "The Democrats are going to kill babies" really is cruisin for a metaphorical kick in the teeth from yours truly. I'm fightin MAD about the racist, ass backwards rhetoric coming from the right wing media, as well as from the small(minded) town Americans who are afraid of anything outside the borders of their hometown square.

Aren't we divided enough as a nation? Isn't it time that folks start looking outside their comfort zone and see that the world is not going to come to an end if we elect a non-white man to the White House?

12:51 PM, November 03, 2008

Blogger The Milner Coupe said...


I came to your site for the music and found this rant interesting. Your heart seems in the right place but McCain & Palin do not deserve the hate speech any more than Obama & Biden. Either one is old school corporate sponsored politics. Both have swung on their opinions in this race.

If you or your angry commentors are looking for someone who cares about everybody, did you look at Nader? A look into his background shows a man who has spent his entire life working for the public, but not as politician. The way the media blackballed him from the debates this year was disgraceful. He'd have shown the country how dishonest McCain & Obama really are. Too bad for us.

Love the tunes. Thanks.

8:31 AM, November 04, 2008

Blogger Stuart Shea said...

Hello, Milner Coupe. Hope you're reading this.

I think it's clear from my post that I don't believe our best selves ever resort to name-calling, invective, etc.

Anger is very real, though, and it's going to come up in spades when we make national decisions like this. Heck, I still think we're in PTSD from 9/11, and it's been more than seven years.

Thanks for coming 'round. Hope you come back.


9:36 PM, November 09, 2008


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