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Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is a Jam

You may know "Tighter and Tighter," released by Brooklyn group Alive and Kicking in 1970. It was a Tommy James song that Tommy James suddenly decided he'd rather have someone else sing; A&K's two vocalists just went in and taped their voices over a TJ backing track.

When "Tighter and Tighter" was a hit, Roulette Records decided that the word needed more Alive and Kicking material. So here was their follow-up single, "Just Let it Come," done by the whole band and not Tommy James'.

It stalled at #63 on the charts and killed their career flat.

Too bad. It's a total corker, with the drums and bass totally rocking during the verse and a plangent harmony in the chorus.

Here's "Just Let it Come." Have a great day.


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