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Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Sad Song

Been thinking about sad songs lately.

The tune at the bottom of this post just gets me right in the throat. It's called "Hackensack" by Fountains of Wayne. A masterfully written little one-way conversation, this one is a credit to writers Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger. One of the saddest songs I know.

Maybe I should start a thread about suggesting some other songs you find to be real tear-jerkers?

Other really, really sad songs, off the top of my head:

*I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) -- Otis Redding
*Dock of the Bay -- Otis Redding
*Torpedo -- Julian Cope
*For No One -- The Beatles
*Favourite Hour -- Elvis Costello
*End of the Rainbow -- Richard & Linda Thompson
*Holocaust -- Big Star
*Pearls -- Sade
*Place to Be -- Nick Drake
*I Had a King -- Joni Mitchell
*Perfect Circle -- REM
*Camera -- REM
*Find the River -- REM
*This Night Has Opened My Eyes -- The Smiths
*Angel Eyes -- Ella Fitzgerald
*Alone Again Or -- Love
*Sleepless Nights -- The Everly Brothers

I must be forgetting about a million great ones. Help!


Blogger Larry Epke said...

"Expecting to Fly" - Buffalo Springfield
"The Boxer" - Simon and Garfunkel

9:25 AM, April 04, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Falling Slowly" - Glen Hansard

1:46 PM, April 04, 2008

Anonymous George said...

"1952 Vincent Black Lightning" - Richard Thompson

4:08 PM, April 04, 2008

Anonymous Amy said...

"Last time I saw Richard" - Joni Mitchell

"A Song for Emily" - the Zombies

"Moments of Pleasure" - Kate Bush

"Aint No Way" - Aretha Franklin

4:46 PM, April 04, 2008

Blogger Bob Purse said...

The ol' Pop Music lover sez:

Love Letters in the Sand - Pat Boone

I Started a Joke - The Bee Gees

Empty Garden - Elton John

A Different Corner - George Michael

I'm Sure I'll think of a dozen more by the time I get up from the computer.

9:30 AM, April 05, 2008

Anonymous Duck said...

Puff The Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul & Mary
He Calls Home - Candlebox
Song And Emotion - Tesla
Life By The Drop - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Fly To The Angels - Slaughter
Alone Again - Dokken
Deacon Blues - Steely Dan

9:03 AM, April 06, 2008

Blogger Derek See said...

there are so many, but three that spring to mind immediately are "Pardon My Heart" by Neil Young, "Boots Of Spanish Leather" by Bob Dylan, and "Oh Girl" by the Chi-Lites. Those three immediately reduce me to puddles.

9:29 AM, April 06, 2008

Anonymous duck said...

I Remember You - Skid Row
Alone - Heart
End Of The Line - TNT
Just Take My Heart - Mr. Big
Black - Pearl Jam
Times Of Trouble - Temple Of The Dog
Say Hello 2 Heaven - Temple Of The Dog

9:48 AM, April 06, 2008

Blogger Jennifer Kelley said...

Definitely "Puff the Magic Dragon". Also, "Alone Again Naturally" by Gilbert O' Sullivan, "Mother" by John Lennon, and "Love Song" by the Cure.

6:41 PM, April 06, 2008

Blogger YourFriendFrank said...

"Keep Me In Your Heart" - Warren Zevon

Not only is it a plea to be remembered when he's gone, but he knew he was dying when he wrote it.

Quite possibly the ballsiest song ever written.

7:23 PM, April 07, 2008

Anonymous duck said...

Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits

7:13 AM, April 10, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Surrender--David Sylvian

10:15 PM, April 10, 2008


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