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Friday, April 22, 2005

Radio appearance

Hello again everybody.

I'll be guesting on Bruce Levine's "Talking Baseball" program this Sunday, April 24, at around 8:20 A.M. We'll probably chat about Wrigley Field. If you're in or around Chicago, you can catch the show on ESPN radio, WMVP-AM 1000. I think you can also listen in on the net at

And if you do tune in, I'll want to know why the heck you're conscious at 8:20 A.M. on a Sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, but it's 9:20 my time ;-)

I wanna hear you talkin bout NOOOMAR

No Mas NoMar. (at least for the next 2 months).

Boston doesn't really miss him. Speaking of which, I have to comment on your previous post.

I have my own theories why the Dread Sox are as popular as they are, and why Everybody seems to talk about the east coast rivalry all the bloody time.


6:04 PM, April 22, 2005

Anonymous Jonathan said...

Heck, geezers like myself who remember the golden age of Sunday morning sportstalk recall waking up at 6AM to listen to Dan LeBatard on ESPN and then switching to the much missed Julie Swieca on the Score. Now there's nothing until 8AM except a stale syndicated show with Hub Arkush and a paid program by an obnoxious stock broker.

9:04 AM, April 25, 2005


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