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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bear with me

Hi, folks. It's been a while, I know. This blog thing...for someone who writes for a living--and enjoys it--blogging is a blessing and a curse. Blessing because it gives you the forum to communicate, but a curse because you're forced every day to decide if what's on your mind is interesting enough to share.

For the last couple of weeks, I haven't felt like I had many words worth sharing. Not much inspiration; just the usual annoyance at right-wing lunatics, happiness that baseball is back, good feelings about warm weather, songs running through my head, good times with friends and does that mean I'm living a life without inspiration, or a life OF inspiration?

A few things...I'm on the radio this Saturday at noon on WMVP (AM 1000) on Tom Shaer's show. I'll be talking about Wrigley Field. I'm also doing a talk at the Harold Washington Public Library (downtown Chicago) in the Chicago Author's Room, at 5:30 P.M. on Thursday, May 12, also about the NL's oldest ballpark.

And...did you know...I'm in an oldies band? I'm playing rhythm guitar and singing in the Captain Blood Orchestra. We're playing at the Mayfest on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago on June 2 (I know, I know, it ain't May, is it?) sometime in the evening. More to come.

Coming up soon on this blog: a response to James Finn Garner's question on how I feel about the influx of Red Sox of new baseball books by people I know...and a review of the new CD by Switchback.

Love to you all.



Blogger Saru-San said...

Interesting enough to share?? You mean there have been criteria for blogging this whole time? Damn it... and all this time I've just been digitally regurgitating all over the internet. You might say I haven't really been blogging at all... more like blah-blah-blahgging. (Hmmm... sounds like a new subtitle for my blahg.)

7:45 AM, April 17, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not just a rhythm guitarist...what about paint it black, birthday, it's my life, and tired of waiting?

2:31 PM, April 19, 2005

Blogger Stuart Shea said...

Obviously a fellow band member checking in...but which one? Lead guitarist Capt. Blood, taking a break from swabbing the deck? Or rock-steady drummer Ken, idol of kings and queens?

1:52 PM, April 22, 2005


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