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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Chicago Cubs Sign...Peter Bergeron?

The Chicago Cubs have signed Peter Bergeron to a Triple-A contract and will invite him to spring training as a non-roster player.

That may not seem like big news…but Bergeron is exactly what the Cubs need—a versatile defensive outfielder with speed who hits from the left side. He could be very valuable in a reserve role.

Bergeron, originally with the Dodgers but acquired by the Expos in a 1998 deal, spent 2000 as the Expos’ everyday center fielder. He didn’t set the world on fire, hitting .245 and stealing successfully only 11 times in 24 tries, but he hit some doubles and triples, showed himself to be a good bunter, took 58 walks, and played a solid center field.

Unfortunately, he didn’t develop, and the Expos seemed to give up on him rather quickly. He was a very patient hitter up through 2001—one wonders whether the ‘spos, who do not seem to value players who walk, tried to change Bergeron’s approach—but since then, he has seemed lost at bat.

While the Cubs don’t seem to think much of the base on balls much either, perhaps Bergeron, if he makes the club, can get on base a bit, play good defense in the late innings, add a little speed, and get some of his game back. A change of scenery can help a guy, and Bergeron doesn’t turn 28 until November. This looks like a good signing by the Cubs, who are not deep in bench outfielders. Last year, Dusty Baker gave far too many at-bats to Tom Goodwin, who has proven conclusively what he is capable of doing and not doing.


Blogger 74and40 said...

While with Montreal, Bergeron at times would look like the next coming of Pete Rose and then a week later would hit like Tokyo Rose. He has all the tools, but cannot seem to put everything together for extended periods. He was very underrated as a Montreal CF, but just average in LF.
I wish him well in Chicago as he is a genuinely nice guy.

8:19 AM, January 28, 2005


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